Thursday, July 16, 2009

One more week...

Can anyone out there believe that my little baby will be one year old in just 19 days?! I can't. I'm totally unprepared for this. I mean, I know she looks like she is at least 2 years old (see evidence below), but it's just too soon! The year has gone by way too fast.

Ok, so here is the craziness we are currently dealing with at the Cochran household:
  1. I have completed one grad class (with an A--yay!), and I'm halfway through the other. Just one more week of summer school! It really hasn't been that bad because I've had a great professor and not too much work. I'm only a few classes away from my Masters degree!!
  2. Casey is going through the process to join the army. Yes, you heard me--the ARMY. He has wanted to do this for years, but I've never been too thrilled about the idea. He's been looking for work for a long time, and finally decided that this is really what he wants to do. Since he already has his college degree, he would start out as an officer (which equals better pay!). He has passed the mental and physical tests. Now he just has to gather letters of reference and write an essay for the Officer Boards which are in Oklahoma at the end of this month. If all goes well, he should be signing up after that! So how do I feel about this? Excited/anxious. I know it could be something great for Casey, so I want it to work out for him. I am a little nervous about doing the single mom thing while he's away for 23 weeks in basic training and Officer Candidate School. I'm also anxious about where they might station us when he's done with training. LOTS of unknowns, and we still don't know that he'll definitely get in so we would appreciate your prayers as we go through this process!
  3. The director of the nursery where I work cut back on my hours significantly this past month since I was in grad classes, but she assured me I would get my regular shifts back in August. WRONG! I was working 5 days a week before this month, but someone took over those during July so I could be in class. It was supposed to be a temporary switch. When I talked with my boss today about the schedule for August, she informed me that I will be working 9 days that month. Nine days out of the whole month!! Does that sound like things are going back to normal? Is that nearly enough income to buy anything?? Can you tell I'm a little bit upset about this?! Now we are really hoping that Casey's plans will work out and we won't need to depend on that income as much.
There you have it: the good, the bad, and the really cute little girl who is getting way too big for her britches... literally. :)


Tiffany Rose said...

oh wow... the army! It's has it's ups and downs. You learn to be an even stronger person b/c you have to! and the paychecks are nice (even though most soldiers complain about it for some reason). I'll keep you all in my prayers!!! Keep us updated with where you'll be stationed.

Mom said...

Yeah, it's too bad you don't have anything going on in your life, dear. :) Hang in there, we're praying!

Deborah said...

Bless your heart! You guys have lots going on. Aren't you glad God gave you that sweet baby girl to keep your mind focused on what's important?

Kristi Petrak said...

Wow, God be with you three!! Bryan and I will definitely keep you in prayers, too.
Congrats on that A! Feels good to ace a Master's class, right?! ^_^