Friday, February 26, 2010

Catching up & Growing up

So here's the latest on the job situation:
  • Casey has a part-time job delivering for Mazzio's, and he really likes it! It's usually just 3 hours a night, but he typically comes home with cash in his wallet from tips so that makes him happy.
  • I was able to get my part-time job back at the gym working in the nursery. My schedule is anything but regular, but I am scheduled for at least 10-15 hours each week. The bonus: I get to take Abby with me. We've just gone once so far, but she had a good time playing with the other kids. It's amazing how much she has grown since I worked there last! She is able to reach so many toys now that she couldn't get to before. She has gotten a LOT taller in 6 months!
  • Casey has been interviewing for a job at the police department here in Searcy as an entry-level officer. He has made it through interviews with the hiring lieutenant, major, and chief of police. They like him so far, so they are going ahead with the background investigation! If/when that clears (could be a few weeks), they will have him do a psychological evaluation. Then if that goes well and he fits their profile, he should begin training! Obviously there are still several hoops and hurdles to get through, but we're excited that they are considering him as a candidate!
Ok, now is the time where I ask for input from other moms who have been through (and survived) potty training. :) **If you have no interest in reading about my child's toilet habits, please stop reading now. You have been warned.** Here goes: Abby is a pro at going in the potty.... as long as we are at home.... and she is completely naked from the waist down. I don't have to worry about her having accidents around the house--she always runs to her potty in the bathroom when she needs to go. But the moment we put on a pull-up (princess, of course) or panties, she just goes in whatever she is wearing.
Question #1: Is this a developmental/she'll-do-it-when-she's-ready thing? Or is this something she has to learn and I'm just not teaching it well? I wouldn't have even messed with potty training this early, but the girl loves to go in the potty! She pretty much begged to be potty trained. So here we are.... running around the house half-naked, but wearing diapers when we leave the house. Which leads me to...
Question #2: Should I put her in pull-ups all the time now and just nix the diapers? Or do I keep putting her in diapers when we leave the house knowing that she will go in whatever she is wearing?
Question #3: What should I do if she has already figured out how to manipulate the reward system?! She will go pee in the potty, and then stand up and say, "Yay! M&M??" So we go get her an M&M. She will eat it and then go right back to the potty and pee some more! Same response--"Yay! M&M??" and she runs to the kitchen where I stash them. Seriously?! She is stopping mid-stream so she can get 2 M&Ms?!? *sigh*
Ahhh, the joys of motherhood. But I can't get too frustrated with her. Especially not when we have times like this:
Oh, and remember how I mentioned the insane increase in height? Here is Abby with her piano 10 months ago (right when she started walking):
And this was her yesterday:
I mean, really. It's just ridiculous. Also, the hair.... the hair! In between those two pictures being taken, the child has had seven inches of hair cut off! I know... I can hardly believe it myself.
I'll end here with an Abby funny of the day: I made blueberry pancakes this morning, and as Casey was helping Abby cut hers up, he said, "It's a blueberry massacre!" To which Abby replied, "Massacre da pancakes!!!" ..... I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

My 18-month-old

For those who are wondering, Casey is still looking for a job. Moving on... :)

Abby is now 18 months old! Can you believe it?? Here are a few of her recent developments (so I don't forget them later!):
  • Counting to 10--she'll go to 14, but she leaves out 12. :)
  • Telling you her first and last name (Abby Cokwin!) & age
  • Spelling "Abby"
  • Naming the colors red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and black
  • Speaking in sentences (ex: "Whed Mommy go? Deh she is!")
  • Finishing phrases in songs when we sing together
  • Saying "no!" just because she can
  • Pretending to talk with someone on the phone by saying, "Hewoh? Nana?? It's me!" She has started "calling" people other than Nana, so she's branching out. :)
Her favorite songs right now are "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep," "A-B-C," "If You're Happy and You Know It," and "Jesus Loves Me." She gets a little more girly every day, and I am so glad we have moved from Elmo to Disney princesses. This might speak to what a horrible mother I am, but she will sit all the way through Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid without budging. She also loves Care Bears, Veggie Tales, reading books (especially Dr. Seuss right now), and building with blocks. Her favorite foods include avacado, lima beans, cheese, yogurt, and anything you can put in "dip" (aka Ranch dressing). Here are a few of the most recent pictures, including one of the snow we got today!:
Cooking in her new kitchen
Playing in the snow (end of Jan.)
Sporting her new Disney princess backpack
Working on her "tall tower" (yes, she did choose her outfit)
Our snow! This is the view outside Abby's window--so pretty!
And Happy 25th Birthday to my beautiful sister, Tara! She was stuck driving back to Searcy in the blizzard today, so I hope it wasn't an awful day for her. To celebrate the day, we'll finish the post with a picture of Abby with "Aunt Tawa." :)