Friday, December 4, 2009

The Verdict

For those who have not seen this on Facebook, here is what the Army decided:

Finally, a decision has been made! It isn't exactly what we were hoping for, but I still think it's pretty good. Here are the results:
  • Casey is being discharged from the Army, but it is a "good" discharge (as opposed to "dishonorable").
  • He should be processed out quickly and could be home as soon as a week from today!
  • We were going to have to buy plane tickets to get him home for Christmas, but the Army is going to pay for his trip home!
  • He will have the opportunity to get back in the army in 6 months! He just has to get a medical waiver of some sort signed, and he can go right back in!
I think that pretty much sums it up. We were hoping he could stay, but at least he can go back if he wants to. We will be looking for a new job ASAP, so we will just see where God leads us next. He could find a great job and decide to stick with that, or he might decide to try this army thing again after 6 months--who knows? God knows where we need to be, and He will guide us through this time of transition.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has been with us through this mess! Casey will still be in Oklahoma for at least another week trying to get this paperwork done, so please keep him in mind. He is a bit lonely, bored, and trying to get over a nasty cold and cough (aren't we all??). We can't wait to have him home with us to celebrate Christmas together!!! I am so proud of him!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

They that wait...

Casey called this morning--he found out yesterday that he has been cleared medically (yay!), but they still have not given him an answer about whether he will stay in the Army or be processed out. Since the seizures he used to have were psychosomatic (non-epileptic), they want him to talk with their mental health people before they decide. I can't imagine that this will be an issue for him, but we still have to wait and see what they decide. Once again, we are faced with the army's famous "hurry up and wait" approach. I am mainly getting more anxious because he still has not been able to buy his tickets to come home for Christmas, and prices are going up every day! I hope we will have an answer before we reach the weekend, and that he will be able to buy his tickets for Christmas soon.

I am currently going to a Ladies' Bible Class on Tuesday mornings, and we are doing a Beth Moore study on the book of Esther. Each lesson has been wonderful, but the message this week was especially relevant for me. I kept turning to my friend Joy and saying, "She knows me!" as we watched the video. :) Beth was pointing out that when we wait on the "thing," whether it is an event or person, we get SO worn out! But "they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up on wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31) GOD is in control, and all things happen in HIS time. If we wait on Him, we will be strengthened! I don't know how people deal with situations like this without leaning on the strength of our Lord. I couldn't do it! Knowing that He holds my family so close in His hands gives me all the comfort I need to keep going. We often say, "in the meantime..." and in this past lesson, Beth pointed out that the "meantime" is "God time." His timing is amazing--He knows just what we need!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Casey/Army update

For those who can't see the note I posted on Facebook, here is the latest update on Casey's situation:

Casey left for Basic Combat Training (BCT) 2 weeks ago. While he was in the reception process (filling out paperwork, getting head shaved, getting uniform, etc.), he was asked, "What did your recruiter tell you not to report on your paperwork?" Casey is an honest man, so he told them that he was instructed not to report his past medical issues. They immediately requested his latest test results from the hospital and told him that he would NOT ship to BCT with the rest of his platoon. He had an appointment set up for today (Tuesday) to meet with a Captain to discuss the possibility of being processed out of the army.

He met with the Captain today, and we STILL don't have an answer, but it is much more hopeful. He asked Casey how much he wanted to be there, and Casey told them he has wanted to do this for a long time, he wants to provide for his family, and he wants to serve his country. The Captain looked over the hospital report and saw that Casey's seizures weren't epileptic (or even connected to abnormal brain activity), and Casey told him I could fax over statements from his doctors stating that he received the treatment he was supposed to, he is no longer on any medications, and he is fine to stay in the army. The Captain took him at his word and said I didn't need to fax that over, but this was a bit over his head so he will have to talk with his superiors before making a decision.

Casey has another appointment tomorrow (Wednesday) with the Captain to see what he and "his superiors" have decided. Best case scenario: Casey can stay in the army and start BCT immediately (they might be adding a couple of guys to his original platoon tomorrow since they've barely started). Next best case: Casey can stay and start BCT in January. Worst case (but it will be ok): Casey is discharged from the army and we have to find a new job ASAP.

I will post an update as soon as I hear from Casey again, but I have no idea when that will be. He might be able to call me again tomorrow night, but there is no guarantee.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for the continued prayers and words of encouragement!! I know that God hears each of us, and I am so grateful to have so many voices lifted on behalf of my family. We are truly blessed by you!