Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Abby is 3!

We've been celebrating for several weeks since we took a trip to Ohio in the middle of July, but Abby's birthday has finally arrived! My baby girl is now 3 years old. How did that happen? I was ok with it when she turned 2... she was basically born acting and looking like she was 2. But 3?? That's not a toddler... that's a preschooler! Here are a few highlight pictures from our trip to Ohio and her birthday party there (in no particular order):
This past weekend, we also had a birthday party in Memphis... which looked something like this:
For her actual birthday today, Abby had cinnamon toast for breakfast, went to play and have lunch with her friends Adalyn and Bella, spent some of her birthday money on glittery princess nail polish at WalMart, had her favorite dinner at Chili's (her request!) of a cheese quesadilla and mandarin oranges with strawberry lemonade, and went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 at the Rialto theater with Mommy. What a fun day! From mommy and daddy, she got a new Memory card game, sticker earrings, small figurines of Lemon Meringue and Plum Pudding (loving all things Strawberry Shortcake right now), and some Ariel princess PJs with a "magic wand." We already gave her our big gift in Memphis--her new "Princess" bible. If we're going be obsessed with being a princess, we might as well start learning how to be God's princess! :) Tomorrow is the birthday party with friends, and the theme will be Strawberry Shortcake (of course!). I'll try to get pictures taken and posted of that... just as soon as I update about the rest of July. ;)

Abby Liz, you are such a smart, energetic little girl! You have such a giving heart and a caring spirit. I pray that you will always continue to have the love for others that you do right now. You are such a sweet big sister and a wonderful helper around the house. This family is so blessed to have you in it. Happy birthday, sweet girl--we love you!!