Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tooth #1 & Florida pictures

Ok, before I forget: Logan finally cut his first tooth 3 days ago! He is now sporting one little tooth on the bottom! It has been a miserable, slobbery journey, and I know this is just the beginning. Casey's mother informed me that they never knew when Casey was about to get a tooth--the teeth just popped up with no warning. How nice for them. :-P Both of my kids, however, run a low-grade fever, cry a LOT, drool incessantly, and are basically mad at life through the whole process. How long does teething last? I think I've blocked that part out of my memories from Abby's first year or two of life...

For those who might still care, here are a few pictures from our family vacation in Florida last month. There are about a million, so I'll try to just sum it up with a few highlights. For the whole shebang, checkout the album on Facebook or Snapfish. :)
Abby & Mommy rocked the back seat of the rental suburban
We ate at Toucan's (on the beach) for Peter's birthday
We played in the ocean and made some awesome sand & seaweed creations
Logan started rolling consistently from back to front and sitting on his own!
Abby dug into Nana's craft box and made these amazing hats
Tara, Peter, & Dad chartered a boat and went deep-sea fishing!
We got back into Nana's craft box to paint frames & glue on seashells we found
We played pool a little
We rested... a lot :)
And we took a few family pictures on the beach at sunset
A good time was had by all. :) Sorry that took so long, but there they are. If I can find another moment to sit down like this soon, I'll try to get a few pictures posted from our trip to Ohio this month!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

6-month check up

Logan is 6 months old today! This is completely ridiculous, by the way. I'm pretty sure he was just born yesterday. I was eager to make sure he was better today since we found out he had strep on July 4--not fun. He had his first fever of 101 for 3 days over the weekend before we could get him checked out on that Monday. Most doctor's wouldn't have even checked for strep since it is so rare in babies this young, but his throat looked awful! The test was positive, of course, because this poor baby is a member of the Cochran clan. Bless his heart. :) One round of antibiotics later, the strep and ear infection in his right ear are all cleared up! He still has a lot of congestion and seems to be having allergy problems that won't clear up, so we are going to try a nasal steroid spray to relieve some of that inflammation. I just want him to be able to breathe!

At the appointment today, Logan weighed in at 20 lbs 3 oz (87%ile) and was 27 1/2 inches long (83%ile). Big boy! He just started having to wear 12 month clothing over the past week--crazy! I think we're going to have to move him up to a bigger car seat pretty soon, too. We're barely squeezing him into the one he has! Thankfully, I think we can give him Abby's car seat and get Abby a new one for only $50. I found a new one for her that has great ratings at Walmart and Not bad!

Even while he has been sick, Logan is a very happy baby! He loves to laugh at his big sister--she is so funny! :) He can roll from front to back and back to front, so he is starting to maneuver his way around a room. He wants to crawl so badly, but we're not there yet. He is getting much more stable with sitting on his own. His torso is just a little too big for his short legs to manage, so he still topples over sometimes! ;) So far, he loves to eat baby food that is mixed with rice cereal. If it's not thick enough, he doesn't want it! Favorites include green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, and pears. The only one he hasn't cared for so far is applesauce, but we'll try again soon. We are just trying out Puffs for the first time, so he's learning how to chew. The boy loves his food!
Happy 6-months, sweet boy! We love you!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

June (minus the big FL trip)

I'm home with a sick baby this morning (Logan's first fever of 101) , so I actually have time for another update! He is drugged and sleeping in the swing, so I'll do what I can while he's resting. Make sure to read the previous post about May--it took a while to get it all on here. :) I'm saving the big vacation trip for another post, but here's what happened the rest of June:

Abby got her first ride on a four-wheeler... that didn't move.... in the middle of the mall. Ok, so I'm not that brave of a mom. Sue me.
Another one of Abby's friends turned 3--it's an epidemic! I am not ready for her to join the 3-year-old crowd in August, but I know it's coming up soon. She had a blast at Adalyn's princess party with swimming, jumping and sliding in the castle bounce house they rented, and eating the castle cake made by Sassy Sweets--it was amazing! Of course, I have no pictures of any of those events, but here's one of all of the party guests. Precious!
Logan had his first "swim" in a pool, but he's not a huge fan of the bright sun. Maybe if we could find an indoor pool... :) And one of his new favorite things is to read books with Daddy and Abby. This makes Mommy very happy!
Abby is learning to write her name! She explains it like this as she writes it: "Up, down, over. Stick and around. Stick and around. Then a 'y'." :) I wrote her name on the sidewalk, and she wrote it right underneath that!
And just for the record: I'm a good mom. Really. (Don't judge me.)

And then there was May

Here's what happened in May (for those who might still check this blog once a month just in case I ever happen to update):

Abby "graduated" from the 2- & 3-year old class at Carpenter's Kids. They sang some songs for the parents, and we got to have lunch with them on their last day. Even Daddy got to come!
We got to join up with Tara and Peter in Memphis for Mother's Day weekend. It was so good to get the whole family back together! Abby even got to help Pawpaw make the shrimp skewers for our Sunday grill out--she was so excited to help out. :)
Logan turned 4 months old on May 13! He weighed in at 16 lbs 5 oz (77%ile) and was 25 3/4" (78%ile). He was already fitting quite comfortably into 6-9 month clothing! At this point, he could roll from front to back and was trying desperately to roll from back to front. He loves to push up on his arms and see the world around him, and he LOVES to laugh at his funny sister!
The kids and I travelled to Northwest Arkansas to visit one of my very best friends from HU and be there for her daughter's birthday party. I can't believe Hallie is 3 years old! Abby and Hallie are destined to be Harding roommates. We have gotten together enough over the years that both girls ask periodically when they get to play together again. Love it! Abby also came home from the party with her first tattoo. ;)
Linds & Tim
Happy birthday, Hallie Grace!
Abby and I were in desperate need of haircuts, so we both went in to chop it all off. This was our first time with Mrs. Betty, and we love her! She convinced me to give Abby bangs since her hair is always in her face, but Betty is in charge of keeping them trimmed every few weeks. I'm just not "that mom." My mom was "that mom," but she also has a steady calligrapher's hand so we weren't traumatized as children when she trimmed our bangs. :)
These are just a few extra pictures from daily life that month that I love and want to share:
Abby & Adalyn--best friends!
Their faces totally crack me up in this one. :)
Still to come: the month of June & the Curtis family vacation in Florida! I'm making progress, right??