Sunday, July 3, 2011

June (minus the big FL trip)

I'm home with a sick baby this morning (Logan's first fever of 101) , so I actually have time for another update! He is drugged and sleeping in the swing, so I'll do what I can while he's resting. Make sure to read the previous post about May--it took a while to get it all on here. :) I'm saving the big vacation trip for another post, but here's what happened the rest of June:

Abby got her first ride on a four-wheeler... that didn't move.... in the middle of the mall. Ok, so I'm not that brave of a mom. Sue me.
Another one of Abby's friends turned 3--it's an epidemic! I am not ready for her to join the 3-year-old crowd in August, but I know it's coming up soon. She had a blast at Adalyn's princess party with swimming, jumping and sliding in the castle bounce house they rented, and eating the castle cake made by Sassy Sweets--it was amazing! Of course, I have no pictures of any of those events, but here's one of all of the party guests. Precious!
Logan had his first "swim" in a pool, but he's not a huge fan of the bright sun. Maybe if we could find an indoor pool... :) And one of his new favorite things is to read books with Daddy and Abby. This makes Mommy very happy!
Abby is learning to write her name! She explains it like this as she writes it: "Up, down, over. Stick and around. Stick and around. Then a 'y'." :) I wrote her name on the sidewalk, and she wrote it right underneath that!
And just for the record: I'm a good mom. Really. (Don't judge me.)


Aunt Donna said...

Way to go Abby! Great job writing your name! You are such a big girl. That picture of all those little "princesses" just made me smile! Every one of them so stinkin' cute!! Can't believe how big Logan is getting. Love those cheeks of his, and I hope he gets to feeling better real soon. Thanks for the update, sweet niece!

Mom said...

This has been a busy summer! And these sweet babies are just growing up too fast ....

Elizabeth said...

Great updates! I love getting caught up on everyone! Those sweet kids are getting big. I love Abby's haircut....very cute on her!