Monday, August 24, 2009

Girls' Weekend

My three very best friends from college came to visit this past weekend, and it was wonderful! It was a short visit, but a good one. We just hung around, played with the kids, ate (of course), and enjoyed catching up. I love that I am still so close to all of my bridesmaids. We still talk on the phone, but it's just not the same as getting together! I hope we're able to continue the tradition of getting together at least once a year for a very long time. I love these girls!

Sara, Rachel w/Abby, Melissa w/Asher, and Lindsey w/Hallie (and baby #2 on the way!)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Houses and haircuts and birthdays--oh, my!

In the interest of getting to bed as soon as possible, here are the high points:
  • Our house is officially for sale! We put it on the market this past week, and I am planning to get an apartment here in Searcy when we sell it. Why Searcy? I have a strong church family here and friends to have playdates with for Abby. Plus, I'm SO close to finishing my masters degree at Harding. It will be much easier if I don't have to try to complete it long distance. Why an apartment? Abby and I won't need all this room when Casey is gone, and I don't want to keep up with house/yard maintenance. Pray that we sell it soon!
  • Abby and I both had our hair cut this past week! Well, Abby's was more of a trim so it would look healthier (and less like a mullet). I had mine completely chopped off! It has become an annual event for me. :) Abby was such a good girl:
Before the cut...
Reading while Lindsay cut her hair :)
The finished product (aka "trim")
I don't actually have any pictures of my hair yet (too busy taking pics of Abby, I guess), but I'm sure we'll take one eventually.
  • We had Abby's family birthday party at Mom and Dad's house this weekend, and I made the cake! It is the first cake I've ever actually decorated. I usually struggle with just icing a cake, so I was scared to death about putting "hair" icing on a teddy bear! Here are a few pics from the weekend:
Aunt Tara made a really cool cardboard house for Abby!
My teddy bear cake! The tummy says "Happy Birthday Abby" (written by Nana), and the eyes and nose are Hershey kisses. :) He's holding a "1" candle.
Enjoying her new recliner (thanks, Nana & Pawpaw!) and teddy bear (thanks, Peter!)
Playing with a new toy (thanks, Smith family!)
Ok, so this was a really long post... but now we're all caught up, and I can go to sleep. :)