Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good-bye baby, Hello toddler

Abby is still only 10 months old, but somehow it would appear that we have already moved on to the toddler stage. I thought she would be at least a year old before we dealt with this stuff! Here are her latest accomplishments:

  • Grabbing everything off of the table/dresser/desk she can reach and pulling it onto the floor
  • Crawling up onto the couch
  • Slamming every door closed that she comes in contact with (I'm waiting for the loss of a finger to occur at any moment.)
  • Using the signs for "eat" and "please" (only when she feels like it, of course)
  • Saying "mama," "baby," "yum yum," and "uh oh" (again, only when the mood strikes her)
  • Waving bye-bye and clapping
  • Giving kisses.... big, open mouthed, sloppy kisses
Oh, and let's not forget about this:
What. A. Mess. Please observe that she got herself into the ottoman cube first before climbing up onto the toy table. The girl is into everything!

Although, I guess no matter how big she gets, I'll still feel like this:
That's my baby girl. :)


Kim Hodges said...

I was looking for the "Like" button before I realized I wasn't on Facebook. :) Kim Hodges likes this.

Nicole Whaley said...

oh my - you have your hands full. She has quite a fearless spirit!!!

Mom said...

That's our sweet, fun and very active girl. She's destined for leadership. :)

Aunt Donna said...

She is precious. And I agree with your Mom -- I think with this adventurous spirit, she is preparing to be a leader.

Deborah said...

How cute!!

Will I be saying the same thing when Daniel is doing this?--NO!

Of course, Daniel will probably be 18 months before he's doing some of those things! She is so ahead!

Watch out, Mama...

Aunt Kathy said...

Sweet post! I love that you are having to keep up with her and are managing very well. Hang in there. In a few years, she'll be asking for the car to motor around in.