Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where to start...

Good grief, I don't even know where to begin. I feel like so much has happened since I posted last, and I just can't get it all in to get caught up.

I guess the most important thing to mention is the passing of my amazing Papaw. He struggled for so long, but he was finally able to rest on Christmas day. He was such a wonderful person, and the best representation of a Christian man/husband/father/grandfather I have ever known. I am so glad he is not in pain anymore. I really am happy for him, but that doesn't make me miss him any less. I am also so grateful he got to meet Abby. He was there the day she was born!

All 12 of the cousins were able to come for the funeral, and it was so good to see everyone. Word on the street is we hadn't all been together since 1995! We somehow all managed to make it through singing a song at Papaw's funeral, and I'm so glad we could do that. Here we are... all grown up. :)
Casey, Abby, and I started our Christmas break in Ohio with Casey's family. We had "fake Christmas Eve" with Casey's Aunt Lana, Jeff, and Grandma Jean. That night after everyone went home, Abby decided she was ready to sit up by herself! It was so cute, and I actually got it on video! She's been sitting and playing nonstop ever since she realized it was a possibility. Then the next day was our big Christmas lunch, and Abby got to try her first vegetable: sweet potatoes! She loved them. We've eaten some here at home since then, and this is how Abby usually looks after a few bites:
She's not quite as messy now that she's had a little more practice, but she usually manages to get quite a bit on her face. Now that she knows she likes food, she lunges for the spoon when it gets near her mouth. We've had quite a bit of squash end up in her nose. Lovely. :)

There are many more pictures I could share from the holidays, but I'll leave you with my 3 favorites:

It's just so stinkin' funny--look at that face! haha
Abby in her Ohio State cheerleader outfit, playing with Daddy and a new toy
She's sitting up and so proud of herself!
That was really long, but I had a lot to make up for. I hope you had a good holiday break!


Aunt Donna said...

Oh, what sweet words about Papaw. We're all going to miss him so much.

And what CUTE pictures of Abby. She is such a doll. I'm so glad we were all able to be together for a couple of days.

Mom said...

It really was great for everyone to be together. Lovely pictures! That first picture of Abby really needs to be a video so everyone can hear the sound she makes with that face! :)

Aunt Kathy said...

I love, love the picture on Daddy's face as he is looking at Abby. He didn't verbalize it much, but he loved so much!