Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Tag

Once again, I've been tagged. So.... Tiffany made me do it. :)

*i am ready for Christmas break to get here.
*i want to have a little more money to buy some clothes.
*i have a very sick baby. :-(
*i miss my Melissa Jean.
*i fear being alone and failing as a mother.
*i hear Abby's swing.
*i search for ways to live as I should.
*i wonder if it will ever get easier.
*i regret eating that extra cookie.
*i love my family more than words can express.
*i forgive less often than I should, but I'm working on that.
*i ache all over.
*i always eat the edges of my sandwich before eating the middle.
*i try to be a good wife and mother.
*i seem more outgoing than I really feel sometimes.
*i know that my Redeemer lives. :)
*i feel
silly that I am filling this out.
*i dance when I'm at home.
*i dream about weird stuff.
*i give when I see a need.
*i listen to Disney music. A lot.
*i sing constantly.
*i laugh when Abby does something new or weird.
*i can't believe Abby is already 4 months old.
*i cry when it seems too hard sometimes.
*i sleep less than I should.
*i am hungry.
*i see my parents' Christmas tree.
*i need to get some thicker socks on my feet--it's cold!
*i should do some laundry since Abby's illness is making everything gross.

Wasn't that fun?? I tag Casey (because he hates these things but can't keep from doing them), Becka, Christy, Joy, Nicole, Sara, Stacey, and Trisha.


Aunt Donna said...

So fun to read! Thanks for sharing your life/thoughts a little more. And, I'm so sorry that Abby is still sick. I hoped she would be better by now. Hopefully, she is on the downside of this crud, and will soon be all better.

Aunt Kathy said...

Oh, Abby is still sick? I'm so sorry! Is she still having stomach problems? Poor baby. Enjoyed reading your tagged post. It is very interesting and thought provoking. I'm thinking what I would write and I think I would get bogged down very quickly. Hope your Christmas is very special this year. I'll bet Abby loves the lights, especially when she's feeling well. :(