Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trying to get settled

It has been an absolutely hectic/wonderful/crazy/intense/indescribable week! I guess there might be some who disagree, but I have to tell you that our little Abigail is the most beautiful little girl on the planet. I have finally been able to get some pictures put on this computer so I can prove this to the rest of the world. :)

She's here! (ignore me--focus on the baby) :)

Going home from the hospital--2 days old!

Sleepy Daddy and Abby after a long day with doctors--4 days old

Enjoying the bouncer for the first time--4 days old

Hanging out with Grandpa Curtis--5 days old!

We have had a lot of visits to the pediatrician and lactation consultant this week because we've been struggling with feeding issues. Abby lost over a pound in 4 days, and we've been working to get her weight back up to where it's supposed to be. Apparently, there is an issue with the way she tries to suck, and I have some issues producing enough milk. The combination kept her fed for the first couple of days, but now we're having to supplement with formula (which I hate, but am coming to terms with), and I'm trying to pump when I can. I have a feeling that we will end up having to go to all formula when it is all said and done, but we're still working on it with the lactation specialist. That woman is amazing--she even let me call her at home when I was freaking out about everything. She has been a saint. I also love our pediatrician--she is very on top of things and has been so involved with Abby already.

That has been the bulk of our week so far--it's all I've been able to think about! Other than that, we're just getting used to loving all over this sweet baby, getting up for night time feedings, changing some really funky diapers (Casey's favorite part), and being a family of three. Mom has been an amazing help since I'm still trying to recover from the c-section, but we'll have to let her go home on Wednesday so she can get back to her life. Sorry this update has taken so long, but I hope the content made up for the lack of blogging. Stay tuned for more! :)


Nicole Whaley said...

Rachel she is beautiful. I LOVE her sweet. The picture of her in her bouncer seat is great - she looks like she is loving life.
We have also visited a lactation consultant and she was worth every penny. Will pray about her feeding...and for you that you can come to terms with however it works out...I have had my moments of fretting, too.
Congratulations to you all. Lots of love - nicole

Trisha said...

She looks like Casey in that second to last picture! I am sorry you have had a hard start! We have been praying though, and call me if you need anything!

Clark's said...

Hey! I know you are soooo busy...but I would love to talk to you! I've tried to call a couple of if you get a chance...give me a call.

She is beautiful and I can't wait to hear all about her and see her!

Aunt Donna said...

Oh, she is just beautiful. I hope to see her in a couple of weeks! Looks like Grandpa (is that his official name?) is enjoying holding little Abby. Oh, her hair is just precious!!! Kind of looks like yours did, except this girl has some dark hair. :)

Daniel said...

Rachel I'm so happy for you guys. She is soooo cute! I can't wait to see her sometime. I really like the bouncy seat picture ^_^ Have a great day & rest easy!

Kim Hodges said...

Oh, I just can't get over that hair! She IS beautiful. "Grandpa Curtis" ... I love it! Something tells me he does, too! I can't wait to get our babies together and see her for myself!

Aunt Kathy said...

She is truly beautiful! Sorry you are having problems feeding, but very healthy babies are doing just fine on bottle milk. She will do great. And you might get more rest. Love you all!