Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby checkup: Part 2

Well, I went back to the doctor today to finish our 24 week check up, and everything is fine. We heard Abby's heartbeat (strong as ever), and I let him reassure me (again) that these pain meds will not be harmful to her. I'm sure he's getting sick of me asking things like, "She won't be addicted to pain killers or anything, will she??" over and over again. Thank you, Dr. Thompson, for being patient with the paranoid mommies like me. :) They also gave me the bottle of glucose nastiness that I will have to drink right before my next appointment in 4 weeks for the gestational diabetes test. Ah, something to look forward to. Then 2 weeks after that appointment, we'll get another ultrasound! I'm very excited to see what she looks like at 30 weeks! It seems so far away right now, but the weeks seem to be flying lately.

The semi-down side of today's appointment was the discussion about whether or not I'll need to have a c-section. Between breaking my tail bone a year ago and then having this neck surgery, I think we are going to have to schedule a c-section. I'm not exactly in a position to be pushing much of anything out of my body in the next few months. I'm a little nervous about another surgery, but I know moms do it all the time (my mom did it twice!) so I'm trying to see the bright side. At least I'll know when she's coming! :) Other than that, this pregnancy is going really well. Thank you, Lord, for continuing to take care of this baby!


Aunt Donna said...

OH, I'm glad everything is going well with the developing baby Abby. I am sorry you're going to have to have another surgery, but at least you have enough time to prepare yourself for it. Glad you are feeling better.

Jason & Nicole said...

I am glad she is doing well. I can greatly sympathise with the feelings that come with a probably c-section b/c we are dealing with that, too because of the placenta previa. It is definitely a process for me in faith, waiting, coping, adjusting etc.
I'll pray for peace about this for you. Everyone says once you have the little one in your arms it doesn't matter how she got there....but you know... :) I am sure they are right though.
God bless you and continue to heal you -- Nicole