Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gourmet chef?? Maybe not...

Well, I finally did it. Curtis cousins get ready to be amazed (or laugh, whichever feels right)... I cooked! That's right. I made trip to the store, bought groceries, came home, and prepared an actual meal. Ok, I know in Curtis-land this isn't a huge ordeal, but in the Cochran household it is a rare and special occasion. The food, you ask? One of Casey's favorites: Chicken spaghetti! Since he's going to be suffering through another weekend grad class this Saturday, I thought the leftovers might be enough to sustain him. :) I somehow manage to change this recipe every time I make it, but I think this was one of my better efforts.

In other news, I'm off to visit the rheumatologist in the morning, so we'll see what she has to say about everything (health issues, not chicken spaghetti :)) . I'll be sure to share what we find. Casey's neurologist appointment has been bumped up to next week, so we're looking forward to getting his stuff sorted out, too. Good grief--I really want a baby, but I'm almost too scared to try! We don't look like the best candidates for parenthood at the present moment... God is in control, though, right? I forget that a LOT. I start thinking I just want to ask someone for help, and my brain automatically goes to my phone..... "Let's see... who could I call to help me deal with this unbearable pain..??" It's moments like these that I realize - DUH - prayer!

Thank you, God, for always hearing my cries. And thank you for an amazing husband who reminds me where to look when I need it most. He has been such a blessing in my life. I love you.


Kim Hodges said...

lol ... I don't think I started cooking REGULARLY for our family until we moved here--almost 6 years into our marriage! I reached that milestone only after I started staying at home all the time!

Anonymous said...

You'll definitely develop into a great cook. It's in your genes! :)