Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's March already?!

I'm not really even sure where to begin, so I'm just going to rattle off whatever randomness pops into my head. Ready? Go.

Logan went back to the doctor yesterday for some tummy pain he seems to be having. It's tough getting everything regulated with his reflux, but I think we're moving in the right direction. The Prevacid seems to be helping, and we're using formula that has added rice starch in it PLUS we're adding rice cereal. Needless to say, the boy is getting big! He will be 8 weeks old tomorrow (what?!), and he weighed in at 11 lbs 12 oz yesterday. He's finally in the 59th percentile instead of the 11th! My babies might start out small, but I can get them chubby pretty quick. ;)

I started meeting with a group of girls for a weekly yoga session for the first time Monday night, and it was wonderful! I'm still fairly sore today, so I think that's a good sign. We had a lot of fun, and it was nice to be out of the house for an hour or so without the kids (thanks, honey!). I'm looking forward to meeting with these girls each week and (hopefully) getting back into some pants that have been sitting on a shelf for a while.

Merely 3 weeks after we had Logan, we moved into a duplex across town. It's actually a little bit smaller than our apartment was (if that's even possible), but it's a LOT cheaper so we couldn't pass up the opportunity. The transition has been insane--I'm not sure what we were thinking with the timing--but I think we're finally getting settled. The next goal is to go through everything in our storage unit so we can downsize. We have a family yard sale planned for the end of March with some friends, and I am so excited to do that! I think we have quite a bit to get rid of, and we're going to try to eliminate the need for the storage unit. I've already been purging a lot of the kids' clothes at consignment sales, and it has been wonderful. It feels so nice to have the (much needed) money instead of the (not so needed) stuff!

Casey was informed last Monday that the clinic he works for isn't doing so well and that he no longer had a job. Then on Thursday (his "last day"), they told him that half of the staff complained that he was being laid off instead of another coworker so they decided to fire her instead and keep Casey on for 4 days a week. So to sum up, the good news: Casey still has a job; the bad news: it's only part-time now. Awesome. Let the job search resume...

I am supposed to start a part-time job doing developmental therapy soon, but we're waiting on paperwork to go through so there's no telling how long that will take. Yes, this is the same job I was supposed to start a year ago. I was planning to start at the end of this month or beginning of April, but Casey's job situation bumped up my timetable a little bit. I thought I could just start right up, but apparently it's going to be a while. Again--awesome.

I am 28 years old today. Again--what?! Here are my hopes for the next year: enjoy my time with my two sweet children while they are still this young and at home, spend more time with my husband who would also like some of my attention and time, start this new job to help my family financially and help the kids who are in need of therapy, finish my masters degree (I should graduate in May of 2012). Is that too much to ask??

Abby has now been potty training for a year. She will be 3 in August, so I know there is still time..... however, I fear that she will still be in Pull-Ups when she is 16. She knows how to do it, but she lacks the motivation. Her teacher informed me this morning that maybe I should offer her a car. I might've considered that option for a minute. Don't judge me.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for... pictures! :) My pretty princess and sweet little man:


TrueToddlerTales said...

I hear you on the potty training. It took Molly over a year to be completely trained...

In the words of the sage Mrs. Dr. Carroll: If you start training them when they're 2, you'll be done when they're three. If you start training them when they're 3, you'll be done when they're 3.

The only thing I would suggest is to have her pick out some "beautiful" big girl panties, and keep them on her unless she's sleeping. I used to make her apologize to the character on her panties, and if she pooped she had to tell them goodbye... FOREVER. I know it sounds scarring, but Molly got to where the only time she'd poop/pee in her pants was when it was in a pull-up. Once that happened, I took the pull-up away at nap-time and threatened her with her life :-p

If potty training my smart kiddo has taught me anything, it is that forcing someone else to poop is impossible. Hang in there- she'll get it I promise!

Deborah said...

Your kids are beautiful!!!!

So sorry about the job thing...your attitude is amazing, though!

I just started doing yoga once a week too, and I love it! So glad you are enjoying it too, as well as some time away from the house.

Speaking as a mom who has potty-trained two children...she will get it--promise!

Mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love the pictures of my cuties in their jammies and princess gear, and especially love that last picture! Hope the year ahead is full of blessings ... Love you!

Aunt Donna said...

Oh, so sorry about Casey's job down-sizing, but glad he is still working 4 days a week. You will be amazing at your new job whenever that starts. You both are so talented! Love these pictures of the kids. Can't believe how big Logan is getting. That last picture is precious, but I think my favorite is Abby in the princess top, the pink tutu, WITH the pink rain boots! ADORABLE!

Glenave Curtis said...

Enjoyed your post and pictures. also enjoyed having pizza at Mazzio's last night with you and family. I love the pictures, too.

Kristi Petrak said...

Wow, you're going through a lot of transitions at once!! Sounds like you're doing the right thing--talking about it, leaning on God, friends and family for support, and exercising to boost endorphins :) I pray that God will grant you peace :) Love you and Happy Birthday!!