Friday, February 11, 2011

Toddler observations

Abby, noticing a squirrel in a tree as we were driving down the road: "Look, Mommy! That squirrel is way up in that tree! Just like Zacchaeus was way up in the tree and Jesus said, 'You come down from there!'"

While reading a book about the birth of Jesus: "Look! Jesus is Mary's newborn son just like baby Logan is your newborn son! That is awesome!" (Yes, I was impressed she made that connection. Yes, I laughed out loud when she declared this to be "awesome.") :)

Casey and Abby were playing around together tonight, and this conversation resulted:
Casey: "Abby are we goofy?"
Abby: "Yes, we are goofy. Mommy! Daddy and Abby are goofy!"
Casey: "Is Mommy goofy?"
Abby: "No, Mommy is not goofy."
Casey: "Then what is Mommy?"
Abby: "Mommy is not goofy. Mommy is crazy. Angry and crazy."
Casey: *nearly falls on floor from laughing so hard

Let me just say... she is totally correct. In my defense, however, I think it is completely within reason to assume that moving into a new home with a toddler (who now has an ear infection) and a 4-week-old newborn (who now has acid reflux) might leave a mommy slightly short on patience and sanity. Right?? Right?! Oh, and clean clothes. We are definitely short on clean clothes...

Thus ends this session of my toddler's observations. Stay tuned for future wise cracks--um, I mean, wise words--from my sweet girl. :)