Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My big girl & baby boy

I know I'm supposed to do a big post on Christmas, but I'm still sorting through pictures so it will have to wait. Meanwhile, I do have a couple of things to update you on regarding my children. :) Abby is growing up way too fast! Here are her latest accomplishments that have really surprised us:
#1--She has learned to read her first sight word! She has seen it in different contexts on different items, and she reads it every time. With the Nana she has, it shouldn't really shock anyone that Abby's first sight word was...
Coca-Cola! :)
#2--We got Abby a new erasable activity table with some Christmas money she had (thanks, Grandma!), and she loves it! As she was drawing on it tonight, she said, "It's a happy face!" Casey turned around, and saw this:
What in the world?! I guess it just caught us off guard because we didn't slowly build up to her drawing a face with different parts... she just... did it! Here are a couple of other pictures from her drawing time tonight:
On the baby preparation front, we are down to the last 2 weeks! Casey assembled the crib the other night (and Abby helped... by popping the bubble wrap). :) She is very excited about sharing her room with "Baby Wogan" and changing his diapers when he "comes out." I just hope this enthusiasm continues once he arrives!
And finally, this is a week behind (I'm 35 weeks along now), but here is a picture of Mommy's new haircut and baby Logan at 34 weeks:


Aunt Donna said...

Abby is artistic just like her Mommy! You look beautiful, Rachel, and I know you all will love it when baby "Wogan" is here! Can't wait to meet him.

Mom said...

Wow, I'm so impressed by her artwork! I had no idea she could do that. Can't help but love the "Coca-Cola" thing. :)

Elizabeth said...

Love the haircut! You look great, Rachel! Can't believe he'll be here in two weeks!

Deborah said...

Little Abby looks so big with her new haircut!

And I must say, Rachel, you make a beautiful preggo-momma!!