Friday, January 1, 2010

10 for 2010

This might be a common thing right now, but my friend Clarice blogged about having 10 goals for 2010 (as opposed to making a "resolution"). I love the idea.... mostly because the "new year's resolution" is infamous for being a huge failure. There probably isn't actually much difference between a resolution and a goal, but I like the way it sounds. :) This is still a work in progress, but here's what I've got so far:

  1. Study the Bible more often each week. Right now this means staying on top of the Beth Moore study on the book of Esther that my ladies' class is doing. I really love it, but I don't always make time to study it as thoroughly as I'd like to.
  2. Focus on each day as it is happening. I'm a big planner, so it's really easy to miss what it happening "right now" and be constantly focused on what is coming.
  3. Get in better physical shape. I purposefully didn't list "Lose weight" here because that isn't really what I want to focus on. It would be nice to lose another 10-15 pounds, but I really just want to be in decent shape. I'm working on a plan to make time for work-outs at home.
  4. Get more sleep. I am so tired (literally) of staying up too late for no good reason at all! I spend way too much time on the internet or watching junk on TV. Luckily, we just switched from Cable to Netflix, so I won't have as many options to tempt me. :) I know that Abby will wake up between 7 and 8 a.m., so I need to plan my bedtime accordingly.
  5. Drink more water!!! This is a huge one for me because my lack of hydration is a huge part of the pain I have most of the time. If I would keep my muscles hydrated, they wouldn't scream at me so much! Tara got me the tumbler I wanted with lids and straws for Christmas so I can keep water with me all the time--perfect!
There will be more, but these are the ones that stand out for me the most. Stay tuned for the rest!


Deborah said...

Good for you! I totally hear you on the water thing. I would much rather down a Route 44 tea from Sonic!! That's sorta like water, right?

Kim Hodges said...

Yeah, or a Dr. Pepper. I have to get back with it, too. The holidays were hard on my figure!

Rebecka said...

Yay water! Good idea. I'm actually drinking water right now (because I found out regular tea has more caffein than I thought-- which dehydrates you even more)!

Those sound like my kind o' goals! You can do it! :)