Thursday, March 19, 2009


The colonoscopy is over, and I don't remember a bit of it. Casey has informed me that they said my colon looks "perfect." Great, right? I'm definitely glad they didn't find anything weird or scary in there, but it also doesn't really give an answer for the problems I've been having. They gave Casey a couple of prescriptions (I'm not even sure what they are yet) for me to try over the next 2 weeks. If I'm still having problems after that, then I'm supposed to go back to the doctor. Until then, I think they're sticking with the IBS-C diagnosis. We'll see how the next couple of weeks go... stay tuned. :)

I don't have a good picture to prove it yet, but Abby is getting her first tooth! It's been a long, drooly time coming, but there is finally one coming up through her bottom gums. I reached in to get who-knows-what out of her mouth tonight (she's really good at finding everything she shouldn't stick in her mouth and then eating it), and she bit me--ouch! There's definitely something sharp coming in there! As soon as we can get her to sit still long enough and smile, I'll post a picture here. In the mean time, you'll just have to settle for this:


Aunt Donna said...

Glad the 'scope went well. Since it looks "perfect" you will have a good baseline for the future.

As for settling for a picture -- that is just tooooo cute! I just love her big smile.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it's over, too. Looks like it is "watch the diet" from now on; fiber--but not too much.
Is that a keyboard (of sorts) that Abby is playing??? I hope so. She needs to play the piano like her Mamaw--TeeHee!
Love you.