Monday, February 2, 2009

Early morning

Abby was having a hard time breathing at about 4:45 this morning (time for another cold, I guess), so I got up to give her some more medicine, clear out her nose, and rock her back to sleep. After I had her back in the crib, I realized... I was totally awake! Since I knew there was a Zumba dance class at the gym at 5:30 this morning, I decided I was just going to get up and GO! It is now almost 9:30 a.m., and these are the things I have accomplished so far:

  1. Folded 2 loads of laundry and started another load
  2. Worked out at the gym--I love Zumba!!!
  3. Taken a shower
  4. Put dishes away
  5. Prepped Abby's bottles for the day
  6. Made a pot of coffee
  7. Changed 2 diapers
  8. Talked to Dad
  9. Fed Abby breakfast (yum, rice cereal!)
  10. Had waffles and coffee for breakfast
  11. Rocked Abby back to sleep for a nap
  12. Washed tiles for sample coasters I need to make today
Hmmm.... maybe I should be napping, too! I'm afraid if I stop going, I might not be able to get back up! I also have to work from 3 - 8 p.m. tonight, so I'm sure I will crash when I get home from that. This is the week Abby turns 6 months old, so I can start taking her with me--more hours! This is going to be a very busy week, so I guess I'm just trying to start it off well. I'm working 25 hours at the gym nursery, and I also got another order of coasters from Davis-Kidd Booksellers in Memphis. I have until this coming Monday to make nearly 100 coasters--yikes! Looks like I don't really have time to keep blabbing on here! :)


elizabeth said...

Wow...that is a lot of coasters! Congratulations on such a big order!

Kim Hodges said...

Like Elizabeth, my thoughts exactly! And I'm totally impressed at your early morning success. I have been amazed with how easy it is for me to waste an entire morning. :) Good for you!

Deborah said...

I am always so much more organized and energetic when I get up early too. SO why do I still wait on my little five-year-old alarm clock every morning? Habit, I guess.

Way to go on the coasters, girl! I am not surprised one bit.

Aunt Donna said...

What an energetic morning! By the way, one of the sets of coasters that I purchased went to their intended receiver (my Secret Sister from the past year) and she just LOVES them! You may get some orders from her. :)

Aunt Donna said...

Uhhh -- I think Zumba is neat looking -- but I would throw something out of whack! Besides, looks like a person has to be coordinated to do that! :) Way to go Rachel!

Rachel said...

Just wanted to say hello and congratulate you on your coasters. What a lovely little girl you have, too. My children are all grown, so enjoy while you can despite all the diapers, etc. In case you're interested, my blog is
--Another Rachel Cochran

Aunt Kathy said...

Amazing what can be done in the early morning hours. Zumba looks fun, but we don't have any one in Mannington who teaches it. Go figure! 100 coasters! That's a lot to make. Good luck. I'm glad that business is providing you with a little extra income. Everyone can use that these days. Hope Abby is feeling better.