Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Photo Tag

Kim has this on her blog, and it looks like fun. I believe the concept is to take the first picture of the first folder on your computer, the second from the second folder, etc. up to 10. This should be interesting... :)

First from the first:
This is from January 2006 (or was it 2007?) right after Christmas. We wanted to take some family pictures, and believe it or not, we did not plan the color scheme. :)

Second from the second:
These are 3 of my 4 HU Posse girls: (from the left) Lindsey, Melissa, and Jessica. We had a great weekend together in Memphis in January 2007.

Third from the third:
In July of 2007, Casey's friend, Tyler, came back from teaching English in China to visit us. His gift to Casey was a Jedi robe made from material he bought in China. Yes, Casey does wear this around the house when it's cold in the winter. :)

Fourth from the fourth:
This is my other HU Posse girl, Sara. I went to visit her and her husband at their house in Alabama in October of 2007.

Fifth from the fifth:
Also in October of 2007 was the Race for the Cure in Little Rock. This was my first time to do it, and I was amazed at how many people were there!

Sixth from the sixth:
Apparently, October of 2007 was a busy month. This is Casey in the Seizure Investigation Unit at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. His first nurse, Phyllis was SO sweet! It was a long week, but doesn't he look great?? :)

Seventh from the seventh:
Sara is also my stamping/scrapbooking friend. We got together for a weekend in November of 2007 at Mom and Dad's house to work on scrapbooks we were making for Christmas presents. She made one for her grandparents, and mine was for Tara. It was a mess, but we had a blast!

Eighth from the eighth:
Thanksgiving in Heber Springs, November of 2007. I think I ate a ton of those rolls to make up for the ham that made me feel sick. Little did I know, I was pregnant at that time!

Ninth from the ninth:
More family pictures being taken, this time out at Mamaw and Papaw's farm in November 2007. Yay for sisters! :)

And finally, Tenth from the tenth:
These are my BEAUTIFUL parents! This was this past Christmas (2007) right before going to a Pfizer, Inc. Christmas party. Don't they look amazing?? I think this is one of my favorites of them together.

Ok, that took quite a bit of time, but it was fun! Thanks for the idea, Kim. I needed something to do while Abby was sleeping other than clean. :) Feel free to do this on your blog, too!


Kim Hodges said...

It's so fun to see snippets of your life through the photos you have! Thanks for playing!

Aunt Donna said...

Fun post! And I also LOVE that picture of your parents. They are just so cute. :)

Deborah said...

I love this! My favorites are the one of you and Tara and the one of your mom and dad.

Kristi Petrak said...

I agree with Kim, what a fun flash through your past! Thank goodness for pictures.^_^