Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Look what you've started, Elizabeth! :) Ok, my turn to list out what is "normal" for me in a day. In thinking about this, I've realized it's all pretty much focused on Abby. Anyone surprised?? :) Like Kim, I think I'm going to have to use the list format. Here goes:

Changing diapers
Preparing bottles
Washing bottles
Feeding Abby
Singing songs (over, and over, and over again)
Doing laundry
Cooking dinner
Rocking Abby to sleep
Picking up around the house
Cleaning whatever I have time to get to

I'm a major multitasker, so some of these things are done simultaneously. :) Here's our girl today--8 weeks old!

The cute watermelon ensemble is courtesy of Uncle Russ, Aunt Janet, Bonnie, and Becca
Hmm... let me think about it... :)


Mom said...

Good grief -- she's getting so big! Your "normal" list sounds pretty normal for a new mom, so you must be doing it right!

Aunt Donna said...

Oh, she is sooooo adorable! Also, as I told Kimberly, I remember when my normal was pretty much like yours. :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet, sweet pictures!

Kim Hodges said...

Perfect "normal"! Can't wait to see you out at the farm on FRIDAY! (Let's see how many cousins we can make jealous!)

Deborah said...

Your normal sounds just about right for the mommy of an 8-week old!

Becka, Beck-O, Beck, or Ockay said...

So... when are you gonna get a massage? :p

I like the "thinking" picture. Haha!

Jason and Nicole said...

Hey -- have you been spying on my day??? JK -- nicole

Jason and Nicole said...

you forgot 'taking pictures....' :)

Trisha said...

Great work.