Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's the little things

Recent (small) events that I have been thankful for:

  1. Making time to eat breakfast every morning this week
  2. Starting back with my physical therapy
  3. Waking up with minimal pain this morning
  4. Casey truly enjoying his new job
  5. Casey's new paycheck (every little bit helps!)
  6. Having one full day in the office to catch up on paperwork
  7. Realizing I've lost 5 pounds
  8. Spending the day with a friend from work and her family
  9. Melatonin supplements working better than prescription sleep aids (Ambien is the devil!)
  10. Having time to play Yahtzee with my husband
I would also like to add a link that I think everyone should go to. I wish I could add it to the side of my blog as a permanent fixture on the page, but I can't seem to figure that out. If anyone knows how, please share. :)

**EDIT**: Thanks to my amazing husband for figuring out how to put this link on the side of my page. :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tiny veins + IVs = BIG bruises!

Casey is off in Hot Springs with a friend for the Arkansas Counseling Association conference, so I'm taking this time to post. Sorry it's been a while--life is crazy! I had my first cervical epidural steroid injection on Monday, and I think it went pretty well. Well, the injection itself was fine. Trying to get the IV in so they could give me the pain meds--not so fun. It took them FIVE TRIES to get that thing in! I was going to post pictures of my bruised arms, but Mom said nobody wants to see that. :) Anyway, I haven't noticed a huge change in my pain level, but I still have two more injections to go. The next one is the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, and I'm hoping they'll have better luck with the whole IV thing next time. I look like a druggie!

Since Casey cut back on grad classes, he's found a less stressful part-time job that he's really looking forward to starting. There's a local TV station in Searcy that needed some help with filming and editing, so he's going to work there about 3 hours a day. It's not a lot of money, but it's something he loves to do, and he has a couple of friends from college who work there now. It helps that his BA is in Electronic Media Production. :) It's just one of the many changes we're making, and I hope it will lead him somewhere promising. Mainly, I'm just glad he was able to find something he enjoys doing. We're still not sure what next semester will look like, but things are working out well for now.

I just remembered that I haven't eaten anything tonight, so I think I need a quick snack before going to bed (I know I shouldn't, but I'm hungry!). Happy Wednesday!